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Oman Family Visa

Welcome to your go-to guide on Oman visas!  Are you considering applying for an Oman family visa? If so, there are a few things you need to know before starting the application process. From understanding the eligibility requirements to gathering the necessary documentation, navigating the visa application procedure can seem daunting at first. However, with the right information and guidance, you can successfully apply for an Oman family visa and reunite with your loved ones in this beautiful country. In this blog post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about applying for an Oman family visa, providing you with the essential details to make the process as smooth as possible.

What is Oman family joining visa?

An Oman family joining visa allows foreign nationals to bring their immediate family members to join them in Oman. This means that the visa is typically issued to spouses, children, and parents of the primary visa holder. Families need to apply for this visa to reunite with their loved ones living and working in Oman. The process for applying for an Oman family joining visa involves specific documentation and meeting certain eligibility criteria. This can include providing proof of relationship, medical records, and a clean criminal record. Each applicant must also meet the financial requirements set by the Omani authorities.

What is Oman family visit visa?

The Oman family visit visa is a convenient option for foreign nationals to visit their loved ones who are residing in Oman. This short-term visa is typically issued for a duration of one month, with the possibility of extension for up to three months in certain cases. Having a sponsor who is a resident or citizen of Oman is usually a requirement for applicants, as they can facilitate the visa application process. Whether it’s for spending quality time with family, attending special events, or exploring the beautiful tourist attractions in Oman, this visa serves various purposes for visitors.

Eligibility Criteria For Oman Family Joining Visa

Eligibility criteria To apply for an Oman Family Visa:

  • The sponsor must meet specific requirements set by the Omani government.
  • The sponsor must have a monthly income above a certain threshold, mandated by the authorities. Previously, a minimum salary of OMR 350 was the norm. But now, it’s been lowered to OMR 150.
  • They need to provide proof of accommodation meeting the standards set for hosting family members.
  • Applicants must undergo medical tests to ensure they do not have any contagious diseases according to Oman’s health regulations.
  • The sponsor is required to submit a copy of their employment contract or business license as part of the visa application process, demonstrating their ability to support their family members during their stay in Oman.

Documents Required for Oman Joining Family Visa

Alright, let’s talk about paperwork. 

Here’s your checklist:

  • Visa Application Form: Think of it as your family’s formal introduction. It needs to be filled out carefully, stamped, and approved by your sponsor. If you’re from an Arab country, fill it out in Arabic. Otherwise, English is your go-to.
  • Proof of Relationship:  Attach marriage certificates and birth certificates as needed. For mixed-nationality marriages, you’ll need a marriage certificate authenticated by both the embassy and Oman’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Photographs: A picture is worth a thousand words, right? You’ll need two passport-sized photos (4 x 6 cm) for each family member applying.
  • Passport Copies: These are your travel diaries. Include copies of the passports for all family members. Don’t forget the resident expat’s passport and their labor card or ID card.
  • Sponsor’s Documents: This includes a copy of the sponsor’s ID and a standard undertaking form co-signed by your sponsor. It’s like having a local guide vouching for your visit.
  • Medical Fitness Certificate: Required for family members aged 15 and above, from certain countries. It’s like a health passport, ensuring everyone’s fit to enjoy Oman’s wonders.

Oman Family-Joining Visa Application Process

The application process for the Oman Family Joining Visa is both offline and online.

Online Application Steps:

  • You can submit your online form at the Royal Oman Police Website:  Visit the ROP’s official site and find the ‘Electronic Visa Services’ section. But it’ll be difficult for a new person to fill out the forms without expert advice.
  • If you want to avoid any kind of hassle Contact us through WhatsApp or fill out our application form, We will take care of all your issues.

In-Person Application Process:

  • Gather Your Documents: Remember the checklist from our last section. Make sure you have all those documents in hand.
  • Visit the Nearest ROP Visa Office: With documents and application form in hand, head to your local ROP Visa office.
  • Submit the Documents: Hand over your documents and application form.

Notification: You’ll be notified once your application is processed. If successful, it’s celebration time – your family is coming to Oman.

Oman Family Joining Visa Validity and Renewal

The journey doesn’t end with getting the visa; understanding its validity and renewal process.

Visa Validity:

  • Duration: The Oman Family Joining Visa is valid for two years. It’s like a two-year ticket to explore and enjoy life in Oman with your family.
  • Entry Window: Make sure to use the visa within six months from its issuance date. It’s a bit like a concert ticket; use it before it expires!

Renewal Process:

  • Online Renewal: Head back to the Royal Oman Police’s website. and follow the complete process or you can take our services and chill at your place we’ll handle the entire process for with a minimal fee.
  • Document Update: You might need updated documents, so keep your paperwork in order.

Oman Family Joining Visa Price

Understanding the cost of the Oman Family Joining Visa is like planning your travel budget .

  • Visa Fee: The price for an Oman Family Joining Visa is around OMR 2
  • Additional Costs: Keep in mind, there might be extra charges. These could be for document processing or certification.
  • Payment Process: The fee is paid online during the application process.

Oman Family Visit Visa 2024 Rules & Requirements

The Rules And Requirements for family visit visa are :

Age Restrictions for Siblings and Children:

  • Brothers and sisters should be below 18 years of age.
  • Children of the applicants must be below 21 years of age. Once they hit 21, their residence permit linked to the visit visa will expire.

Visa Expiration Linked to Residence Permit:

  • The visa’s validity is closely tied to the applicant’s residence permit. When the permit expires, so does the visa. It’s like a travel pass with a clear expiration date.

Sponsorship Requirements:

  • The sponsor must be a fully legal Omani national. They play a crucial role, similar to a host for your family’s visit.
  • There’s a noteworthy salary requirement: a minimum of 600 OMR (or 1,560 USD). It ensures the sponsor is well-equipped to support the visiting family members

Special Considerations:

  • A mother can sponsor her child, provided she meets the salary condition. However, this might vary if she is a single parent or a divorcee.

Documents Required for Oman Family Visit Visa

Here’s what you’ll need to ensure your family members can join you in Oman for their visit:

Passport and Residence Card Copies:

  • For the Visiting Family Member: A copy of their passport, showing their identity and travel history.
  • For the Resident in Oman: A copy of your residence card, establishing your status in Oman. It’s like showing your home base in this beautiful country.

Undertaking Form:

  • This form is a promise, a commitment from the sponsor and their employee. It’s like signing a guestbook, stating that you’ll take care of your visiting family.

Proof of Family Relations:

  • Documents that clearly show the relationship between you and your visiting family members. This could include birth certificates or marriage certificates. It’s like a family tree, but in official documents.

Marriage Certification (If Applicable):

  • If your spouse is visiting and you’re an Omani national, you’ll need a marriage certificate approved by the Ministry of Interior. It’s like a stamp of approval for your marital bond.

Oman Family Visit Visa Application Process

To submit your online form to the Royal Oman Police, you can visit their official website and navigate to the ‘Electronic Visa Services’ section. However, it’s time time-consuming process. Also, you need expert guidance, it may be challenging to fill out the forms on your own.

For a smoother experience and to avoid any potential difficulties, you can reach out to us via WhatsApp or fill out our application form, and we will provide the necessary assistance to address all your concerns.

Oman Family Visit Visa Validity and Processing Time

Understanding the validity and processing time of the Oman Family Visit Visa is is essential.

Visa Validity:

  • The Family Visit Visa allows your relatives to enjoy Oman for up to three months. It’s like a temporary pass for them to explore and create memories in the Sultanate.
  • This time frame is perfect for those holiday gatherings, short-term family reunions, or special occasions.

Processing Time:

  • Generally, the processing time ranges from 2 to 15 days. Think of it as a short waiting period before the excitement begins.
  • This duration can vary, so it’s a good idea to apply well in advance of your planned family gathering.

Renewal and Overstay Consequences:

  • Once the visa expires, you need to either renew it or re-register the residence permit. Failing to do so can lead to a fine of 50 Omani riyals per month. It’s important, like checking your passport’s expiration date before a trip.

Oman Family Visit Visa Price

When planning for your family’s visit to Oman, understanding the cost of the Family Visit Visa is as important.

  • Visa Fee for 2024: The price of an Oman Family Visit Visa as of 2024 is around 20 OMR, or approximately 51 USD.
  • Mode of Payment: This fee is usually paid online during the application process.
  • Additional Costs: Keep in mind, there might be other small costs involved, such as fees for document processing or certification.

Difference Between Oman Family Joining Visa vs. Oman Family Visit Visa

Choosing the right visa for your family’s needs in Oman is like selecting the perfect path for your journey. Each visa serves a unique purpose. Let’s compare the Oman Family Joining Visa and the Oman Family Visit Visa to help you decide which route suits your situation best.

AspectOman Family Joining VisaOman Family Visit Visa
PurposeFor expats living in Oman to have their families live with them.For short-term visits by family members.
EligibilitySpouses and children under 21 of expatriates; foreign wives of Omani nationals.Family members of Omani residents, with age restrictions for siblings and children.
Minimum Salary RequirementRecently reduced, more accessible.Generally higher, specific to sponsor’s financial capability.
Validity PeriodTwo years, with a renewal option.Up to three months, typically without renewal.
Renewal ProcessCan be renewed through the Royal Oman Police website.Not commonly renewed due to short visit duration.
Application ProcessOnline application with specific documents required.Similar online application, but with different document requirements.
CostSimilar to the Visit Visa, around 20 OMR.Around 20 OMR or 51 USD.
A comparison of the Oman Family Joining Visa and the Oman Family Visit Visa in a table format for easier reference

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for an Oman Family Visa

Failing to submit all necessary documentation can significantly delay the processing of the Oman family visa application. It is vital to meticulously review and complete all application forms to ensure accuracy, as any inaccuracies could lead to the rejection of the visa request. Additionally, obtaining comprehensive medical insurance for all family members is a crucial step to avoid complications during the visa process. Equally important is recognizing the necessity of a sponsor in Oman, as overlooking this requirement could pose significant challenges in obtaining approval for the family visa.


As we wrap up, remember: choosing the right Oman visa for your family is key to a joyful reunion. The Family Joining Visa is ideal for long stays, while the Family Visit Visa suits short-term visits. Understanding the nuances between them ensures a smooth journey. So, plan wisely, embrace the process, and soon, you’ll be creating unforgettable memories with your loved ones in the beautiful Sultanate of Oman. Happy travels

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A spouse can apply for an Oman family visa to join their partner in Oman. Meeting financial criteria and providing necessary documentation is crucial. The family visa extends to children under 21 and parents

Family members of expatriates working in Oman can apply for a residence visa, which allows them to stay in the country for a specific period. They can also apply for an entry visa or a tourist visa, depending on their purpose of visit.

You can stay informed about the latest updates on family visas in Oman by referring to official sources such as the Ministry of Manpower or the Royal Oman Police websites. Additionally, you can contact our support for latest updates

Yes, a foreign wife of an Omani citizen is eligible to apply for a family visa in Oman, subject to meeting the required criteria and providing the necessary documentation.

The visa processing time in Oman can vary depending on the type of visa and the specific circumstances of the application. Generally, it may take a few weeks for the visa to be processed and approved.